4.7” Accelerator

This unique light sphere is made of the highest quality lead-free crystal glass, specially treated with a high quartz compound content. The diameter of this sphere is 4.7 inches (12 cm). This beautiful original piece is primarily designed to harmonize space and also to purify the biofield, which is the basis for increasing the energy potential.

One of the important production elements of the sphere is quartz. Quartz crystal is composed of silica. Silica crystal is said to be the most perfect healing stone and can be used to solve any problem. Silica crystal stone protects against negative energies, reduces the risk of infectious diseases and stimulates the immune system.

“Accelerator” cleans the environment fast enough even in large apartments, medium sized family houses, company premises, yoga centers or areas where many people rotate daily.

More intense positive energies lead to promoting the transformation of digital pollution, eliminating various negative influences and neutralizing geological anomalies. Also supports the process of detoxification.

More powerful energy also helps to create an excellent conditions for meditation, prayer and spiritual development of the personality.

This sphere comes with the original quality ALKYWAN oak wooden base, white 4 LED lights and power adapter.

Do not expose the sphere to direct sunlight.
(The glass object must not be left in direct sunlight due to the risk of fire.)

How to use the ALKYWAN Light sphere

Unpack the ALKYWAN sphere, place it on the wooden base and plug the base into a 230V (110V in the case of the USA) power outlet. The indicator LEDs inside the base will light up.

Package Contens:

Sphere 4.7” (12cm)
Wooden base 3.9” (10cm)
USB Cable

Accelerator”, 12 cm


The sphere is not a medical device and does not replace medical care. Always place the sphere on a stable, level surface without the risk of shock or strong wind. Protect the sphere from frost or sudden changes in temperature. Protect the sphere from extreme temperatures. Protect the sphere from direct sunlight. Keep the sphere out of the reach of children. Protect the sphere from falling, impact, or mechanical damage. Do not step on the sphere. Do not put the sphere in pool accessories, in a microwave oven, gas/electrical oven, refrigerator, washing machine or dishwasher. Do not put the sphere in hot liquids.

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