How does Alkywan® technology work?

The immediate environment of Alkywan® products is charged/enriched with elementary particles (e.g. photons, electrons). Photons are particles that carry energy. The closest to the human senses is a stream of photons in the form of a light beam. Therefore, the energy of the larger spheres on the lit LED base is even more effective. The energy is therefore spread into space by ripples.

How do I know the products are working?

The effectiveness of our technology is verified by laboratory tests from scientists or doctors on several continents (e.g. USA, Europe). We also have certificates from doctors in the USA or from a recognized European science faculty in the field of physics.

What is the difference between Alkywan® products and other crystals?

Technology Alkywan® is based on an original combination of many components, such as minerals, rocks, but also spatial graphic emitters based on the properties of Platonic objects, which ensure the flow of energy. It is a natural environmental stimulation. Every detail plays its part, even the trademarked Alkywan® logo, by which you can recognize our original products.

“Ordinary” crystal products from other manufacturers lack the core material that is the subject of our know-how and therefore also lack our unique Alkywan® photonization process, which transforms natural materials into “photonic antennas”.

Where are the products manufactured?

We have placed great emphasis on the quality and functionality of our original products since the beginning of our development. All Alkywan® products are therefore manufactured with great care in the Czech Republic. This also applies to all original wooden stands.

Are the products safe for health?

Yes. The material of the products is made of non-toxic materials.