Disk Universal
Disk Universum
Harmonizace vody i prostoru

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GPZ Engineering & Biomagnetic therapy

Our Disc Universum is a higly efficient model, which is extraordinary for its universal impact. This premium model serves in adjustment and harmonization of personal envirnomnent, the house or office or apartment, the car or truck, and can also harmonize magnetic structure of water.

Due to its unique characteristics it adjusts and harmonizes bio-magnetic field of its surroundings both if submerged in water or not. The owners of this disc may feel greater comfort anywhere they are. Due to its abilities, Disc Universum is a great helper in powerful strengthening of the human body and regeneration of its tissues.

The disc works with the principle of bio-magnetic physio-therapy. It helps restore the bio-magnetic field of the human body and to harmonize its energetic potential. The disc restores bio-magnetic fields and thus provides protection from negative influences of digital pollution and geopathogenic stress, to you and to your pets and plants.

The disc increases stress-resistance, improves quality of sleep and supports proper functioning of immunity system. It helps total cleansing of human body and faster re-charging of the “human batteries”. Its compact size makes transportation very easy. This model is well suited for all typical everyday activities.

Other benefits

  • promotes energy and vitality
  • soothes you during states of depression
  • suitable for relieving muscle tension
  • increases the period of driver’s necessary focus
  • strengthens the body’s bioenergetics
  • helps normal blood circulation
  • accelerates the process of skin regeneration
  • activates the surface potential of cells
  • promotes detoxification of the body
  • zero failure rate
  • ageless design
  • easily movable
  • no operating costs
  • no negative impact on the environment
  • highly resistant material

How to use the UNIVERSUM disc

Space adjustment:
It is best to place the disc in the centre of the property and let it work.

Water treatment:
Place the disc on the bottom of the tub. Fill the bathtub with warm or lukewarm water, preferably enough to cover the entire body. Leave the disc in the water-filled tub for a minimum of 15 minutes. To prevent slipping, remove the disc from the tub before bathing. The water bath is now ready for use. Cosmetic or revitalising bath products (salt, oil, foam, etc.) can be applied to water, but only after removing the disc from the water. The disc is intended for home / private use only, not in a commercial area.

Technical parameters

Width 7 cm, height 5 cm, weight approx. 110g.

Price: 570 €

Where to buy the product?

You can order this product directly from the manufacturer at the telephone number: +420 775 222 234 or by email:


The disc is not a medical device and does not replace medical care. The disc is not designed or approved for the treatment of drinking water. Always place the disc on a stable, level surface without the risk of shock or strong wind. Protect the disc from frost or sudden changes in temperature. Protect the disc from extreme temperatures. Protect the disc from direct sunlight. Keep the disc out of the reach of children. Protect the disc from falling, impact, or mechanical damage. Do not step on the disc. Do not put the disc in pool accessories, in a microwave oven, gas/electrical oven, refrigerator, washing machine or dishwasher.