Our new technology generates a magnetic field and this magnetic field fundamentally affects the life energy of all living things, both terrestrial and aquatic. Our products are not electrified, they revolve around the biofield of all living things and for this reason we rightly call our water treatment BIO-Magnetic.

The ideal path for this technology going forward appears to be the accumulation of energy in water through the hydrosphere, the sum of all water that envelops our planet Earth, including surface water, groundwater, atmospheric water and water within living organisms.

The development of the human body begins in an aquatic environment, as it has beneficial effects on the body in many ways. Thus, aquatic procedures help in the further development of the organism, dissolving and eliminating various undesirable deposits of harmful substances. Newborns and infants who spend more time in an aquatic environment (even in a bathtub) develop much faster than those who tend to reside in more arid environments. Even their overall health is much better.

Of course, aquatic procedures such as bathing in a tub or in a pool also help older children as well as adults. A bath in the energetic water created from our products then, of course, intensifies these effects even more. The skin is the largest human organ. It covers the whole body and thus separates the internal environment of the organism from the exterior. From a bioenergetic point of view, there is an interesting effect taking place upon the energy envelope of the body (plasma body), which slightly exceeds the body’s physical boundaries. Energy penetrates the body, immediately charges the whole organism and significantly improves the processes of biosynthesis.

Of all the treatment methods known so far, magnetic therapy shows the highest statistical success rate and the lowest possible risks. With conventional methods based on permanent magnets, the results are indeed documented to be positive, but not quite so revolutionary. The reason is that the magnetic field from permanent magnets is not the same as the body’s own magnetic biofield, and thus the body has to transform it first. In addition, when it comes to fluids, their magnetic field is not permanent and its effects last only for an hour at best, usually for mere minutes, then it dissipates without any lasting benefits. Such a magnetic field is of a negative polarity, therefore the body is only able to absorb a certain amount of its beneficial effects. That is why these effects are only temporary.

Bio-magnetically treated water, produced using a new technology, affects your body, as well as all living beings, including plant life, immediately and beneficially, without a loss, directly on a cellular level, supplying the cells with newfound energy. Illness is found where energy is lacking, and this water supplies that energy directly to where it is needed. It activates and energises all cells.

This is a fundamental difference, and perhaps that is the key to why these effects are so much more beneficial and of such higher quality. In layman’s terms, these magnetic waters could be distinguished as “dead water” and “living water” respectively.

The products are not electrified. The technology thus does not create electromagnetic pollution of the environment and is therefore not only efficient, but also absolutely environmentally friendly.


Methods effective in an arid environment are called GPZ Engineering, since our products help significantly to solve all kinds of negative energy problems in space, including pathogenic, geopathogenic and technogenic zones. This technology helps to transform the disturbing geomagnetic anomalies of natural electromagnetic fields and thus deals with GPZ directly, and not just their consequences on the organism.

Our magnetic field emitting products resonate with the human biofield and cooperate with one another. The waves being transmitted have the same frequency and the same phase, and are amplified according to the physical law of RESONANCE and CONSONANCE.

Many people do not realise, that without the Earth’s magnetic field, life on our planet would not be possible at all. Most of the buildings we live and work in usually consist of a reinforced concrete structure, which creates a strong, unnatural barrier that separates us from the Earth’s natural magnetism. This fact also applies to cars, for example.

The subsequent magnetic imbalance causes various pains, illnesses, cell dysfunction and many other problems. The matter that our products are partially made of emits energetic particles that bind to hydrogen atoms, creating a magnetic field, that is consistent with scientific research, into the biofields of all living things. Our products can greatly help in restoring the balance and the correct charge of the body’s magnetic field, thus strengthening the immune system, cells, and our daily vitality.

The immediate surroundings of the disc are charged – enriched with elementary particles (e.g. electrons) and are swirled further into the space, both on dry land and in water. The magnetic field thus expands into space by natural circulation.


Magnetic therapy is used in treating a wide range of diseases (approx. 100), from immune system disorders to cardiovascular disorders. It is used, for example, in surgery, paediatrics, orthopaedics, neurology, gynaecology, urology, rheumatology, dentistry, dermatology, geriatrics, ophthalmology, sports medicine, balneology and rehabilitation. Some forms of magnetic therapy are even used in psychiatry.

The magnetic field acts on the human body primarily through the blood, which spreads its effects throughout the body via the circulatory system.

The human body contains 5 to 6 litres of blood, which is being pumped by the heart to every organ of our body. Arteries and blood capillaries carry oxygen and other necessary substances to these organs. The capillaries then drain the “used” blood (with toxins and waste products of cellular metabolism) into the veins.

On its way, the blood passes through the kidneys, where it is filtered. It then goes through the heart to the lungs, where it is oxygenated again and returned to the heart. From there it is then transported back to the organs and the blood circulation cycle closes. Human blood contains red blood cells, which serve as small containers for the haemoglobin protein. Its function is to bind oxygen and transport it throughout the body. Blood cells have to be flexible and they possess the ability to change their shape. Were this not the case, they would not be able to pass through some of the narrowest blood vessels in our body. It affects the polarisation of red blood cells with a positive charge and magnetic water has a positive charge too. It therefore has the same polarity as blood cells and neurons.

It counteracts the so-called foaming of erythrocytes, causes their redispersion and thus increases the area with oxygen binding capabilities. Blood that has passed through or is affected by the generated magnetic field shows a greater ability to bind oxygen (it has better oxidisation properties). Polarisation of blood cells affects the muscle tone of blood vessels, arteries and capillaries. They dilate through a process called vasodilation, which leads to an improvement in the supply of bodily tissue with oxygenated blood and nutrients, as well as speeding up the removal of toxic substances from the cells.

The partial pressure of oxygen thus increases significantly. Magnetic therapy, as mentioned above, positively affects cell elasticity. More flexible blood cells can better adapt to “obstacles” in the vascular bed. Magnetic therapy also reduces the risk of blood clots (thrombi). Under the effects of magnetic therapy, the parasympathetic system is activated and Ca2 + ions are effluxed, which leads to the relaxation of the vascular muscle (especially precapillary sphincters) and subsequent vasodilation. All of this has an effect on the harmonisation of heart activity, circulation and blood pressure.

Magnetic therapy is effective in treating mild forms of ischemic heart disease and ischemic disease of the lower and upper limbs, in non-healing shin ulcers and all circulatory disorders. No recanalisation of already closed vessels occurs, but the collateral bed in the skin and muscle tissue widens considerably. The vasodilatory effect of magnetic therapy is desirable in all disorders of the vascular system, where the flow of oxygenated blood is hampered – i.e. in ischemic problems of the limbs, heart and brain. That is, wherever the increased oxygen supply helps to heal and improve the function of tissues and organs, and at the same time has an anti-inflammatory effect.

The general effects of magnetotherapy confirmed by medical science and scientific research, practiced in most hospitals and therapeutic centers, are as follows: